This Page will have some of the my favourite music

and the music referenced in some of my stories!

Some stories on this site contain links to various audiovisual media; whose purpose is to convey the feelings and thoughts of the author that he/she experienced during the creation of the chapter/story. To enhance your understanding of the chapter/story these materials are included on the site for your enjoyment. You are permitted to listen to or view the aforementioned audiovisual media only! You are not permitted to download or copy the audiovisual media in any fashion, period! Downloading or copying said audiovisual media is in direct violation of the Terms of Service, by downloading or copying said audiovisual media you place yourself at risk for legal action. If you enjoy the audiovisual media then please purchase the audiovisual media from an authorized vendor. There is information in the Author's Notes at the end of the chapter or story giving the information about that specific audiovisual recording. Also be advised that violation of this clause may result in all audiovisual media being removed from this site.

This first selection is a sample from an upcoming

chapter of "Love at First Bite"


The One and Only

This is the Chesney Hawkes version courtesy of

Chesney Hawkes

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