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This is a one-off, and a first.

By special permission from the author himself, I am hosting the 'Prologue' and 'Chapter One' of the new story by Grasshopper.

Why a one off?

Well, Grasshopper isn't hosted here as a regular thing. His story home is at www.iomfats.org and it's purely his loyalty to Timmy, (It's Only Me From Across The Sea), that keeps him there. There have been rumours in the past, which are totally unfounded, where people have argued that Timmy has some kind of hold over Grasshopper to make him only post at the Iomfats Site. Utter rubbish! It's purely Grasshopper's loyalty that keeps him there. I have the greatest suspicion that the rumours were possibly started by people who couldn't get him to post them on their own sites. :) Talk about sour grapes!

So why is part of one of them here you may ask?

Well that's my fault. As I see it, not enough people have read his stories; possibly they just haven't visited the site and may not have read them. Maybe they read some other stories first and moved on… how the hell would I know? Well, they missed out.

Why a first?

Because like I explained above, this is the first time that he's allowed anyone to reproduce any of his work elsewhere. (With the exception of his letter to The Mail Crew, which he wrote for them.) But at the same time, it's why we have here only the Prologue and first chapter.

Essentially, I'm giving it the 'Big Plug', and I make no bones about that! Try it. I very much doubt you'll be disappointed, or with any of Grasshopper's stories.


Ps. You won't forget to email him will you? Oh and take a tip. Read past and through the words, and you'll maybe find what I did.

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